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Learn Spanish Now!

Are you travelling to a Spanish speaking country and
worried about not speaking a word of the local language?
Or maybe you're just seeking to improve yourself, challenge yourself, show off to your friends, learn about a different culture or get ahead in your studies?
Whatever your reasons, Condor Spanish Academy has a course that's right for you.
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Practice your Spanish

This is our database of links helpful to learning Spanish! We have spent the time to find interesting and informative links all over the internet so that you don't have to. If you find a good link that is not included, please let us know at our email!

What are the main difficulties in learning Spanish for an English speaker? What are the easiest and most difficult things about learning Spanish for an English speaker? What does a Spanish sentence look like? Why bother learning Spanish?

To find answers to these and many other questions, go to:

   To access another excellent set of interactive resources, suggested by the lovely Shannon:

If you are interested in practicing a bit of everything (i.e. grammar, vocabulary and reading), go to:

If you are primarily interested in grammar:

If you would like to practice your speaking skills:

  • The English Spanish Integration Group is a not a school, but is nonetheless a fantastic way to meet some native Spanish speakers, practice your Spanish and make lots of new friends!
  • The Sydney Spanish Language Meetup is not a school but a voluntary social body, running over 10 Spanish conversation activities per month throughout many areas of Sydney.

If you need a Dictionary:

If you want games and activities to extend and practise your vocabulary:

If you're interested in listening and pronunciation exercises in Spanish, go to:

For some Spanish jokes:

Spanish tongue twisters:

To find out more information about the Spanish language:

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